Sunday, May 1, 2011

Engagement Photos at Hawksbill Crag

        Often, engagement photos are thought of as second-class citizens to the wedding photos. They are often not given their moment to shine. This photo shoot shows that engagement photos can be just as good as the wedding photos with a lot of hard work.  Sure I could have gotten poison ivy in the woods; sure we drove through the mountains like mad people; sure it was sometimes cold and I felt like collapsing at the end of the day. But the photos show that it was all worth it. This is the hard work we want to provide and we encourage our clients to put into it just as much effort as we do. In the end we want to provide photos that will continue to inspire, amaze, and make you tear up even when you’re sixty-four. As for the story of our shoot...
        Leaving our usual destinations behind we headed out to the beautiful Ozarks and the small towns that inhabit them. Josh and Nakia made our job very easy, at every turn Nakia knew what she wanted and where. We visited Jasper, Whitaker’s Point and were set to visit a covered bridge but it got washed away in the antediluvian rains of the past week.
        The photos at Whitaker’s Point were the most exciting. Despite careful planning for a sunset photo, the sun began to hide its face before we were ready. Now, Nakia and Josh are in excellent shape but the most exercise I get is occasionally playing soccer with some kids. They said we would have to hoof it and, in case you didn’t read the link, Whitaker’s Point hiking trail is three miles long up and down hill. After a few minutes I had completely lost sight of them and quickly began to feel like Gimli, from Lord of the Rings. It was all worth it though and the proof is in the photos.

Josh and Nakia met us outside a local diner Ozark Cafe and we got started right away. We began with some ice cream shots outside of the Café then moved on down the street to an antique store aptly named “Emma’s Museum of Junk.” 

The best part of the place was the tiny alley way to the side filled with random bits of history and scrap. Nakia & Josh brought the set of license plates from the different states that defined their relationship: Florida where they met, Arkansas where they dated, Lousiana where they’re getting married and California where they will be living.  Happily our awesome, new 16-35mm lens captured them with the plates perfectly.

From Jasper we were supposed to head to a beautiful covered bridge but unfortunately due to antediluvian rains in here in Arkansas we heard at the last minute that the bridge had been washed away. Instead we stopped at this beautiful ivy covered cabin with a gorgeous field and perfect view. Nakia had brought an antique chair and couch that I wanted to take with me when we were done.

From our magical cottage we headed towards our last stop: Whitaker’s Point.  It was here that the true adventure began.

Josh and Nakia, we had a great time and wish you the best in your new life together!


  1. I posted a long comment earlier today but not sure where it went...I just want to say these photos are AMAZING!!! And the photograper did a fantastic job writing the story. I had to cry a little are so beautiful and grown up! And Josh will be such a wonderful son-in-law! I love you both! Congratulations!!!

  2. These photos are absolutely stunning. And what a fun story (even though you were suffering a little)!