Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mildred B Cooper Chapel and Simple Pleasures Wedding!

We apologize for our lack of blogginess. May was such a busy month for us, personally and professionally. 
On May 15 we headed out to Bella Vista for a wedding with an added detail we haven’t had yet: a third photographer. Excited at this added element we met the staff photographer for the event center Simple Pleasures, Lacy Kohl.  She was such a pleasure to work with and we hope to work together again soon in the future.
We started the day at Simple Pleasures with the bridal party getting ready.  A few minor details were giving the groom some trouble, one of his groomsmen had a flat tire in Missouri and his shoes were completely coming apart. Of course, we call these minor details because we consider major details to be for example: the father having a heart attack at the reception or a tornado interrupting the ceremony. Or another example would be the bride or groom not showing up at the alter at all.  What is most important at your wedding is that you are taking that first step into marriage and everyone is safe at your event.
The ceremony took place at the Mildred B Cooper chapel in Bella Vista. I particularly love shooting the E. Fay Jones Chapels because they are so easy to photograph, I can focus less on technical issues and more on capturing the emotion of the ceremony.
 We then headed back to Simple Pleasures again for the short reception. One of the many wonderful things about Simple Pleasures is you get to pick out your choice of classic car to use for the day.
Overall it was a wonderfully cool and fun cloudy day, so we got some interesting shots outside trying out some new techniques with hardly any Photoshop work and everything done in camera. Congratulations Chadia and Tom! For your new marriage and your new family.  

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