Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dickson Street and the Secret Place Engagement

I love it when I plan for a photoshoot and there’s a slight chance of rain, but then it doesn’t rain at all and the clouds end up very beautiful. Then add into the mix: very cute props and a photogenic couple. Allison and Adam made a little banner with their names on them, and I absolutely loved it. I encourage every couple to make your own props, it adds a little extra thought and oomph to the shoot.
We started on downtown Dickson Street in Fayetteville, AR and headed to the bar where they met. Then we headed to one of my favorite places. Fields are always a personal favorite of mine and its always hard to find the right field to my liking. I loved the look of this place with the big tree and plenty of tall grass and flowered bushes. This particular location I keep a secret :P

Allison and Adam plan to marry on October 29th, 2011 at the Central United Methodist Church in Fayetteville.

Downtown Eureka Springs and Crescent Hotel Engagement

I’m going to shoot out a couple more blog posts today since I have the time but I will keep them short!
Malinda and Kyle are a couple of close friends of ours. I love doing photo shoots for friends because you already know each other well and that automatically creates a non-weird session from the start. Kyle and Malinda do Cosplay and are particularly popular in the Cosplay Universe for their amazing costumes they make. They do a lot of photoshoots already in their costumes therefore their posing was phenomenal. We barely had to direct them at all. We did this photoshoot in downtown Eureka Springs, AR and the Crescent Hotel.
Half of their engagement session was done in their Cosplay outfits, the King and Queen of Hearts, and the other half was done in their regular clothes. 

Mildred B Cooper Chapel and Simple Pleasures Wedding!

We apologize for our lack of blogginess. May was such a busy month for us, personally and professionally. 
On May 15 we headed out to Bella Vista for a wedding with an added detail we haven’t had yet: a third photographer. Excited at this added element we met the staff photographer for the event center Simple Pleasures, Lacy Kohl.  She was such a pleasure to work with and we hope to work together again soon in the future.
We started the day at Simple Pleasures with the bridal party getting ready.  A few minor details were giving the groom some trouble, one of his groomsmen had a flat tire in Missouri and his shoes were completely coming apart. Of course, we call these minor details because we consider major details to be for example: the father having a heart attack at the reception or a tornado interrupting the ceremony. Or another example would be the bride or groom not showing up at the alter at all.  What is most important at your wedding is that you are taking that first step into marriage and everyone is safe at your event.
The ceremony took place at the Mildred B Cooper chapel in Bella Vista. I particularly love shooting the E. Fay Jones Chapels because they are so easy to photograph, I can focus less on technical issues and more on capturing the emotion of the ceremony.
 We then headed back to Simple Pleasures again for the short reception. One of the many wonderful things about Simple Pleasures is you get to pick out your choice of classic car to use for the day.
Overall it was a wonderfully cool and fun cloudy day, so we got some interesting shots outside trying out some new techniques with hardly any Photoshop work and everything done in camera. Congratulations Chadia and Tom! For your new marriage and your new family.