Thursday, June 9, 2011

Downtown Eureka Springs and Crescent Hotel Engagement

I’m going to shoot out a couple more blog posts today since I have the time but I will keep them short!
Malinda and Kyle are a couple of close friends of ours. I love doing photo shoots for friends because you already know each other well and that automatically creates a non-weird session from the start. Kyle and Malinda do Cosplay and are particularly popular in the Cosplay Universe for their amazing costumes they make. They do a lot of photoshoots already in their costumes therefore their posing was phenomenal. We barely had to direct them at all. We did this photoshoot in downtown Eureka Springs, AR and the Crescent Hotel.
Half of their engagement session was done in their Cosplay outfits, the King and Queen of Hearts, and the other half was done in their regular clothes. 

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