Sunday, August 14, 2011

Colorado Springs, Colorado Wedding

This was a gorgeous wedding in a gorgeous area: Colorado Springs, CO. Apart from our business, we took in some sights at Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak. While Garden of the Gods was an experience in itself, Pike's Peak alone could make a good post. If you didn't know it stands 14,010 feet high and most of it is without guard rails. A harrowing drive for an ecstatic view and fabulous donuts that only cook at that altitude. The venue, Briarhurst Manor Esate, was built in 1872 and shows its age well from its antique wood paneling to its pink sandstone exterior. Corey and Christa's wedding was held outside under a small arbor with a view of Pike's Peak behind. After the ceremony we took advantage of where we were and headed to the Balancing Rock at Garden of the Gods for a few stunning and intimate photos with Corey and Christa. As you can tell they came out great. Overall it was a stunning trip that we will gladly take again. So...anyone getting married in Colorado soon? The Avenue Hotel was a cute quaint little bed and breakfast to get ready at, and the whole town has plenty of venues to offer. Corey and Christa we wish you all the best!

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