Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wedding at the Stone Chapel at Matt Lane Farm

Our last wedding shot was a ceremony and reception both held at The Stone Chapel at Matt Lane Farm. I just had to write a little bit about a conversation Emily and Gene had with us during the formal photos. They stated they weren't photogenic. I must say, I completely disagree! They are a very good looking couple and also, when our clients just be themselves, relax, and not worry too much about how they look during our shoots, they always look fantastic. Laughing helps a lot too.

Here is a interesting tidbit about the Chapel. Once a upon a time, a girl wanted to get married on her father's farm. With maybe some chairs, and a tent. But her father decided to build an entire chapel for her wedding. Ever since the chapel has been a beautiful place for ceremonies and receptions. We had a wonderful time photographing Gene and Emily's wedding in July. A very, very hot day, but we went outside real quick for a few snaps and than ran back inside to cool down. I recommend doing this for your formals even if its too cold, hot, or even rainy! Umbrellas make gorgeous props! 


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